2 thoughts on “Ronin Rabbit 74

  1. Another great episode!
    Great to hear that you have started reading Lone Wolf & Cub, it would be awesome to see a companion podcast to the Ronin Rabbit released based upon it.

    I have to admit that Usagi Yojimbo is my favorite comic and Lone Wolf & Cub is my favorite manga.

    If you can get the chance, buy copies of the original “First Publishing” comics for the Lone Wolf & Cub series. They only published 45 individual issues, but they are printed on larger pages and the artwork was not printed “reversed” or “mirrored” as it is in the Dark Horse publications (everyone is left handed in the Dark Horse editions).

    For those interested, there are several great historical mystery series set in Japan:

    1. The Sano Ichiro Series by Laura Joh Rowland (Shinju was the first)
    2. The Sugawara Akitada Series by I. J. Parker (Rashomon Gate was the first)
    3. The Shinobi Mystery Series by Susan Spann (Claws of the Cat was the first)

    Each series is set in a somewhat different period of Japanese history.

    1. Thanks Steve. I have volumes of all three series but have yet to read any of the Shinobi books by Mrs Spann. I’ll definitely try to move the first volume up on my list after that recommendation. I have enjoyed the Ichiro and Akitada volumes I have read.

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